Linear Systems Theory


주교재: Chi-Tsong Chen, Linear System Theory and Design 1984 (LST&D84)

부교재: Jin Heon Seo, Advanced Control Techniques (ACT)


서진헌 교수

강의 동영상

1. State Space and Analysis of Linear Systems

State Space(ACT) 52:51

Linear Dynamical Equations and Impulse-Response Matrices(LST&D84) 2:15:51

2. Controllability and Observability

Controllability and Observability(ACT) 1:36:47

Controllability and Observability of Linear Dynamical Equations(LST&D84) 3:33:59

3. Realization

Realization(ACT) 26:32

Irreducible Realizations, Strict System Equivalence, and Identification(LST&D84) 1:08:05

4. State Feedback and Observers

State Feedback and Observers(ACT) 40:29

State Feedback and State Estimators(LST&D84) 4:28:50

5. Stability of Linear Systems

System Stability(ACT) 36:08

Stability of Linear Systems(LST&D84) 1:43:15